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Fabulous gift

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Posted 3/3/08


This is my AMAZING new quilting table!  Our fabulous friend agreed (even though he had no idea how huge a project he was getting himself into) to make this table for me.   I got it a week ago and it is just beautiful.  It has a recessed hole for my sewing machine so that I can sew completely flat, which will reduce drag and me having to hold a whole quilt up at the level of the foot when I am quilting.  It’s pretty tiring for my arms! I haven’t done a big quilt on it yet, but I simply can’t wait.

Since I can never repay him, I’m giving a shout out to the fabulous craftsman who designed and created it for me.  After all the R & D on the table during the last few months, we’re not quite sure what we’ll talk about at dinner when the conversation lulls.  At a conference I attended today, the speaker noted how most people who achieve their goals do not do so in a vacuum. They receive help from their support system.  I definitely agree and send my thanks!