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18/52 Weekly Journal Quilt

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Posted 5/11/08


This is my weekly journal quilt 18/52 2008. I’m posting later than normal, as I was a bit crazy last week finishing an art quilt entry for a special exhibit for HIQF this fall. I was working until literally the last hour to get things submitted. Yikes!

This journal was a fun journey to a new technique for me. I fused plastic bags together to make an 8-ply “fabric”. You can see a tutorial for this technique here. It took a little work to get the fusing process right, but it was exciting to reuse plastic bags for an art purpose. After I fused the bags together, I cut them up into strips and overlaid them on a background piece. The different patterns and textures shown are created by using the fronts and reverse of bags, as well as varied printed patterns and open solid areas on the bags. I then zigzagged the pieces together and quilted the piece to an interfacing base for stability.

This piece is for sale for $30 in my Etsy shop here.