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AMOA The Lining of Forgetting exhibit

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Posted 7/6/09


I drove over to the Austin Museum of Art over the weekend to check out their current exhibit, The Lining of Forgetting: Internal and External Memory in Art.  In my last post, I noted that I have been recently exploring my own visual memories. Most of my memories are visual, and for a long time I thought everyone’s brains worked this way.  My sister noted that she remembers the smell of my parent’s closet, and I can’t place it at all. Contrastingly, my husband’s memories are very auditory.

The exhibition explores memory, forgetting, and editing. The exhibition was really interesting, with lots of interesting pieces. My favorite was a dual screen computer generated work by David Rokeby.  It included a full year’s worth of surveillance of a small area in urban Montreal, with the images of the same little place in the world shown at various dates and times of day.  Really mesmerizing.

I created the woven image above in the hands on section of the museum, trying my hand at a grass mat weaving technique used by one of the artists in the exhibit. The artist, Dinh Q. Le, weaves C-prints together for his work included in this exhibit.

Here is a link to the museum site:

BTW, the gift shop was chock full of super crafter items and local artist wares. Thanks for supporting handmade and local, AMOA!