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The point of weekly art and journal quilts

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Posted 5/25/08

1352-2008.jpg             2052-2008.JPG

 Weekly Art 13/52 2008 and 20/52 2008

It’s hard for me to see a piece that doesn’t really work for me visually as a successful piece.  However, I’m sure my weekly quilt 20/52 2008 is just that.  It is a success because I tried something new, and I’ll try something new again this week. It is a success to learn from what I’ve done before!  Now I definitely know I made some good decisions on a recent larger work I made.  I was using appliqued strips like in the journals above, but I shaped the strips into big wavy lines and spirals.  I was planning to then cut them up and reassemble the piece, but decided against it. Looking at 20/52 2008, I think that the lines at angles other than right are just too much information and don’t become cohesive as in 13/52 2008.  For me, that’s the point of my weekly art. I learned something!