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Houston Hoopla

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

Diamonds Detail

Greetings from the Houston International Quilt Festival! I’m here standing by my quilt, Diamonds, that was awarded “The Future of Quilting” prize this Festival. Thank you, IQA, and sponsor, Tin Lizzie.

Come stop by and chat. I’ve already met hoards of fabulous and pleasant quilters and can’t wait to meet more. I’d love to explain the 3-D nature of the piece and how I accomplished it. Or just come by to see the fresh flowers that coordinate with my quilt’s colors. ;) I’ll be here through Sunday!

49/52 2008 Weekly Journal Quilt

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Posted 12/10/08


This is my weekly journal quilt 49/52 2008, 6″ x 8.  This is the second piece that I will be donating to the Artist’s Valentine project. It’s funny how I will think a piece of surface designed fabric is a failed experiment and then later find the perfect way to use it. This red background piece is an experiment I didn’t really think worked out. I was working with a new water based resist product and I didn’t like the way the red paint bled into the areas that were supposed to be white. For this piece, though, I like the contrast between the crisp teal/blue hearts I painted on next to the fuzziness of the red spirals. I used freezer paper templates to create the painted hearts.  For the quilting on this piece, I got to play with a new toy from the Houston International Quilt Festival.  I purchased a circular attachment for my Bernina. Now, before you criticize the unevenness of the stitch lengths or that some shapes are spirals and not circles, this is not the fault of the attachment! I tried some regular circles (which were perfect by the way.) But I also tried using the attachment the “wrong” way and got awesome spirals.  To finish this piece, I fused a piece of fabric to the back of the interfacing and zig zagged the edges.