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Art as food

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Posted 1/9/08


Check out my side trip from fiber arts to food arts. “Fiber arts”, by the way, is confusing to people not working with textiles or fabric.  Recently, I had a conversation with a friend where I noted that I had a “fiber meeting” to go to that evening. She thought I was speaking of the Metamucil type and was quite confused that I needed to attend a meeting about fiber. I digress. Check out these lovely rice treats made into sushi art from Zoe’s Cookie Traditions.  They are super!

It is inspiring to see someone having fun in the kitchen, especially to me.  For a number of years I made a new year’s resolution not to cook, but to spend my time in the studio instead, as I often have a supreme lack of precious studio time.  I’ve relaxed a bit now, but I still feel guilty being in the kitchen and not in the studio.  Maybe I can put those hands together this year!