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Sketchbook and belated Father’s Day

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Posted 7/2/09


Here are a few drawings from my mobile studio, my sketchbook.  The above drawing is my cute ipod in it’s crazy holder.


The above drawing is a belated shout out to my Dad for Father’s Day. I recently attempted to draw the contents of my parent’s closet when I was young.  It’s probably weird that I spent so much time there, but my parents had a lot of cool stuff in there. And besides, did YOUR Dad practice a brass instrument in his closet? The drawing of these memories led to more specific drawings of items in their closet. This is just a memory drawing of one of many Audubon guides my Dad always had. As a kid, I spent lots of time flipping through them and considering species of birds and plants.  I really enjoyed drawing the cool plastic texture of the cover. They were drawn with a sharpie, watercolor pencils and my cool watercolor brush.