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39/52 2008 Weekly Journal Quilt

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Posted 10/14/08


This is my weekly journal quilt 39/52 2008, 6″x8″. Long overdue, but I think it turned out great! I didn’t have any specific plan for this piece, except that I wanted to use a freezer paper stencil and painstiks.  I started with a piece of wipe up fabric from stamping and painting on fabrics.  I then used a freezer paper stencil of lines and a green painstik to create the vertical shapes. I added the dark purple paintstik circles with  a piece of circular waxed paper that came in some packaging. I did some stitching and decided to go and paint some more. I added the pink leaves, dots, purple dots and turquoise grass with fabric paint. I then stitched on it some more, added a back piece, zig zagged the edges and finished!

This piece is for sale for $30 in my etsy shop.

38/52 2008 Weekly Journal Quilt

Wednesday, September 24th, 2008


Posted 9/24/08

This is my weekly journal quilt 38/52 2008, 6″ x 8″. I was a little stumped for ideas, so I decided to grab a ziploc bag of “non-fabric” materials.  I really need to work with a combination of paper and other recycled materials more often, as I really find it challenging and fun! I used some leftover brown paper bags that I printed with red and black paint when I was working on my Collage Mania 2008 pieces. I also used some coffee cup sleeves (the backs) that I printed with black ink. For building this piece, I started with a red and black batik whole cloth background fused to a piece of Peltex interfacing. I then fused black rounded off square shapes that echoed the tiny black shapes on the batik.  Next, I layered the cardboard shapes on top.  Lastly, I added the brown paper bag pieces on top of the cardboard.  I used a bit of glue to hold the non-fabric items down while I stitched them.  I stitched in black and red variegated thread around the shapes.  At this point, I added diagonal black stitching lines to echo the cross movement in the piece.  To finish it, I fused a piece of fabric on the back and then zigzagged the edges.

This piece is for sale for $3o in my Etsy shop.

37/52 2008 Weekly Journal Quilt

Friday, September 19th, 2008


Posted 9/19/08

This is my weekly journal quilt 37/52 2008, 6″ x 8″. I made this piece while thinking about Hurricane Ike and watching images of the water, winds, and storm. Thankfully my very special loved one was able to evacuate safely at work in plenty of time preceding the storm. This piece was created using two pieces of one of my favorite black and white prints that I over-dyed in two different colors.  It really took the colors or turquoise and lime green nicely! I started with a black solid piece of fabric for the background. I cut out the spiralling pieces of over-dyed fabric and fused them to the background fabric.  I stitched/quilted the piece to the peltex base with solid black thread. I added a solid back piece and zig-zagged the edges to finish the piece.

36/52 2008 Weekly Journal Quilt

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Posted 9/15/08


This is my weekly journal quilt 36/52 2008, 6″ x 8″. The background for this piece is a hand dyed and stamped piece I created, and I’ve been looking at for a couple of months.  I stamped the circle/egg shapes while the piece was wet, and I love the soft way the shapes appeared. I was reluctant to put anything on top of it, but I have to be brave sometimes, right? I fused down purple batik strips in circle/egg shapes on top of the background.  I’m exploring a quilt idea with concentric circles, so this is a bit of a beginning for that idea. I quilted the piece to the peltex interfacing, added a plain back, and then zig zagged the edges to finish.

35/52 2008 Weekly Journal Quilt

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Posted 9/12/08


This is my journal quilt 35/52 2008, 6″ x 8″. I’m still exploring this tree with a purple halo on stripes idea. I was thinking it would be my next large piece, but I may just start something else this weekend and keep percolating this idea. I wasn’t quite sold on my journal quilt 24/52 2008, so I wanted to revisit it. Here is 35/52 (left) side by side with 24/52 (right):


The current piece is darker/subtler in contrast than 24/52, which isn’t totally what I wanted out of it, but I still enjoy it. This piece was created by starting with a painted cloth background which I stamped with lumiere paints. Then, I fused strips of batik onto the background. I zigzag stitched their raw edges down, and then stitched the purple organza halo on top. Next, I fused the solid purple tree down and stitched all around the edges of the silhouette. I quilted the piece in a linear pattern in the center and “ditches” of the batik stripes with orange and green variegated threads. I backed it with a piece of hand dyed fabric and finished the piece with a zigzag stitch around the edges.


32/52 Weekly Journal Quilt

Wednesday, August 20th, 2008

Posted 8/19/08


This is my weekly journal quilt 32/52 2008, 6″ x 8″. I needed some fabric sunshine! Art helps keep me sane in general, and this piece I made to work out some negative energy I had going on. This piece began when I was rummaging through things in the studio, and I saw the yellow/orange piece of hand-dyed fabric. (Thank you Laura Wasilowski!) I was feeling tired and frustrated, as well as annoyed with a rainy day, and the piece of fabric immediately resonated the yellow brightness I wanted to feel as well as the orange fire of angst I was dealing with. I decided that a background of a piece of green and blue fabric that I had painted would be a nice start to embody the earth. I then cut and fused the sun and rays to extend into the world. I stitched a wobbly spiral in the center of the sun to show that one good (and even imperfect) thing can work it’s way out to reach many places. I also stitched wavy quilting lines on top of the sun motif, fused over dyed fabric to the back of the piece, and lastly zigzagged the raw edges. Now, THAT is a journal quilt!

This piece is for sale for $30 in my Etsy shop. 

31/52 Weekly Journal Quilt

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Posted 8/11/08


This is my weekly journal quilt 31/52 2008, 6″ x 8″. I started with a painting clean up cloth as the background piece to give the surroundings some interest. I tried a solid color for the background, but this was more interesting and I really like the purple blotches of paint at the top of the piece. I then reached into my grab bag of fabrics that already have wonder under fused to them and pulled out the piece of purple batik and started cutting leaves. After I fused them down, I added stems to ground them, as they seemed to be floating a bit too much. Next I stitched/quilted the piece to the interfacing background with variegated threads. Lastly, I added the back and zigzagged around the edges.

This piece is for sale for $30 in my Etsy shop. 

30/52 Weekly Journal Quilt

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Posted 8/9/08


This is my weekly journal quilt 30/52 2oo8, 6″ x 8″. I found the base black and white fabric for this piece as I was walking by the remnant bin at a fabric store.  It jumped out at me and I’m pleased I took it home! It is a lovely sheer polyester print in a dot and grid design. I fused squares in various types of sheer and opaque green silks and blends on the center squares of the designs. These were tiny pieces I hand dyed limey green in a workshop in 2006. Then I quilted it to the background interfacing with variegated green thread. I added “x” motifs on top of the green squares in thread.  Lastly, I zigzagged the edges to finish the piece.  Because of the sheen of the fabrics, this piece catches the light particularly well and has a nice glow.

This piece is for sale for $30 in my Etsy shop.

29/52 Weekly Journal Quilt

Monday, July 21st, 2008

Posted 7/21/08


This is my weekly journal quilt 29/52 2008, 6″ x 8″. I struggled with piece 29 in this year’s weekly series. I have felt a torn in attention, while working on my big pieces and trying to divert attention to a small piece at the same time. To be honest, I made one piece and it totally didn’t work, so I started again. Here’s the result.

I started with a background of a wipe up cloth from painting (yes, again.) I really like these pieces for backgrounds, as they are muted, but often contain a combination of colors that I might not normally use together. This piece’s background includes orange, blue/teal, and grey. I then fused a variety of strips of orange toned fabrics on top of the base. These orange fabrics are mostly “other” composition fabrics, as compared to my usual cotton fabrics. These fabrics include silk and man-mades like polyester/rayon blends.

I then put an anchor/focus fabric of the orange flower piece on top. I also placed several organza pieces on top of this that I had previously hand dyed with lime green and orange splatters. The last layer is a layer of reddish-orange tulle. I then stitched/quilted it to the Peltex interfacing base with straight lines along the strips of orange vertical fabrics. I added the fused back, and then zigzagged the edges to complete the piece.

This piece is for sale for $30 in my Etsy shop.

28/52 Weekly Journal Quilt

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Posted 7/19/08


This is my weekly journal quilt 28/52 2008, 6″ x 8″.  This is a different sort of piece for me.  I started with a rough tea towel cloth that I used as a wipe up rag for stamping.  This was a sentimental piece of cloth sent to me from a friend.  I can’t think of a better way to use it than for an art piece!  This tea towel fabric had some imperfections/discolorations, so it was perfect for covering with paint to hide those imperfections. I took this painted cloth and created a composition with shiva paintstiks.  After letting it dry for several days to harden, I stitched over the design with variegated thread to highlight the major design areas.

This piece is for sale for $30 in my etsy shop.