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19/52 Weekly Journal Quilt

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

Posted 5/19/08


This is my weekly journal quilt 19/52 2008, 6″ x 8″. It is basically a folded cut paper design that I cut out of fabric instead of paper! I folded the black fabric into 4 quadrants and cut out a variety of curvy shapes. I then unfolded it (yes, the fusible web I had already applied was a bear to unstick from itself) and laid it on top of a plain white background. I then stitched it to the peltex background. I decided it needed a little something more at this point, so I added a layer of black tulle and stitched it down as well. As often occurs, a happy surprise occured. I really love the stitching and shadows on the back of this piece. Here is the back of the piece held up to a light source.


This piece is for sale for $30 in my etsy shop.