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Arrowmont Bookmaking Class Images

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Posted 8/14/13

I had an amazing, creative and impressively productive group of students for my Adventures in Bookmaking workshop last month at Arrowmont School of Crafts in Tennessee. I planned to cover a number of bindings, but I had hungry students and we added about 4 more to the list!  Bookmaking fiends. Because these 7 women had super powerful arms, a number of awls and needles were sacrificed in the name of bookmaking. :)

For even more images, check this flickr set.


Jessica’s Coptic Accordion Binding with a cover flap to allow it to stay closed.


Japanese Stab bindings.


You can’t have a week at Arrowmont without a bear-themed item! Students raised and lowered the surface of their covers utilizing layers of Davey Board. Please note that I did not steal Season’s book. :)


Look at all of these books! Fabric and paper covers.


Sparkly Roach Coptic, my personal favorite.


Elegant Japanese Stabs with Hard Covers, utilizing book cloth.




Some students wanted to try an upcycled or reconstructed Coptic (like the ones I have in the Arrowmont Instructor Exhibition this year.) So, they raided the “for sale” rack in the library and came up with beauties. The paintbrush imagery was on the cover of the original book and Judy added her handmade paste papers to the cover.


Secret Belgian madness.


Winged Book.


I bet you wish you were there.


And lastly, a stack of book boards cut and ready to use at home.

What an astounding week. Great things were happening in all of the diverse classes all over the campus. We had wonderful studio assistants, work-study students, and the staff were supportive and great (as always). Be sure to get to Arrowmont and meet this year’s wonderful resident artists.