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ATC Trade in Houston

Thursday, November 20th, 2008

Posted 11/20/08


I took a stack of ATC’s or ACEO’s to trade at Make It University! in Houston at the Houston International Quilt Festival last month. I wanted to show what I brought home in exchange. Thank you to all the artist’s who traded cards.¬† It was really¬†fun to see the work and take home little pieces of your work! I’m thinking a lot about leaves right now, and there were lots of beautiful leafy pieces to enjoy.

Even smaller work

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008

Posted 7/29/08

aceo-purple-passion-i.JPG aceo-black-and-white-i.JPG atc-orange-fields.JPG

I have always enjoyed working small, but an ACEO (Art Cards, Editions and Originals) is really small! I have listed a few ACEO’s in my Etsy shop.

Some ACEO’s I’ve created because I wanted a new challenge (Image 3). Others are efforts to really push my design process with my Lines series (Images 1 and 2.) It’s really fun to make a really large piece, and perhaps a 14″ series piece, a 6″x8″ journal piece, and a 3 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ piece all from the same fiber parts. And truthfully, I’ve spent a lot of work painting and fusing and quilting those Lines series pieces before I cut them up to reassemble them. I like to make sure all of that effort produces art!

ACEOs on Etsy

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

Posted 6/5/08


ACEO Sky I, Naomi S. Adams, 2008

I created a showcase of artists on Etsy’s Treasury West. I really enjoy running across new artists on Etsy and being able to purchase a small print or ACEO to love. You can view the showcase here.

This is a way that allows members to share creations in other shops that they enjoy. Some of the pieces were created by my team members on the Etsy Texas Crafters Team. This is a time limited display that will end on Sunday morning, so check it out before then!