Naomi S Adams Austin Quilter of Killer Bee Designs

Review of 2008 Weekly Art

Posted 1/13/09


This is a snapshot of all of my 52 pieces of 6″ x 8″ weekly art for 2008.  Forgive me for the imperfections in the image, as I’ve only got paint and word available today. They are arranged in order from left to right, top to bottom.

Some were purchased, gifted, donated, mounted, framed, used as imagery for larger works, and revisited in other small pieces. As I look them, and I knew I would, I hesitate to stop making weekly art this year! Many pieces I don’t consider to be successful pieces of art, but there is a progression of learning, testing ideas, trying new techniques and certainly an increase in sophistication in use of surface design techniques. The last 6 pieces I really love.

2008 was a REALLY good year! Here’s looking forward to learning as much with my monthly art this year.

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