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Monthly Journal Quilt 1/12 2009

Posted 1/28/09


This is my first monthly journal quilt of 2009, 1/12 2009, 12″ x 12″, mounted to stretched canvas.

I really enjoyed the surprises that happened in this piece, and aside from the colors, I didn’t have a specific plan before I started painting. I’m really interested in a brown/turquoise/deep red color combination right now, so I knew I wanted to work with that scheme.  I started with a piece of fabric that I rusted this month, using some new-to-me rusty bolts and a rusty can that were gifted to me (thanks d & j!) I used a thermofax screen that I made to make the turquoise “flowers, and an eraser stamp to create the red dots, and I hand painted the greenery. I machine quilted it with a rust-colored brown thread. It is mounted to stretched canvas, so it is ready to display! This piece is for sale in my etsy shop. 

So, for my new 2009 journal project, here are my few simple rules: Create a piece monthly, to total 12 for 2009.  Size: 12″ x 12″, mounted to stretched canvas. That’s it! I’m really looking forward to the challenge of a square shape and a new size, all good things to work my brain harder.



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