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I’m going to need more boxes

Posted 6/8/09


I’ve been missing in blog land because we have a contract on our house!

My normal packing style is simple. Naomi packing = efficient, quick, put things in a box with other like items, label well, pack carefully, when in doubt toss, cross the room off the list when I am done.  Very type A. I believe that this is approximately move 11 for the Adams family, so we’ve done this all before. However, I think we have a billion times the amount of stuff compared to the first time we moved. And most of it sits in my studio.

I started packing my studio first, because I need to be the one to pack it up. Instead of my usual packing style, I found myself packing “straight up Tyler style”. For anyone who hasn’t seen my other half pack, it is a truly unique (and adorable if you’re not under a time crunch) process. He thoughtfully considers all of the items he unearths and the memories and events and good times attached to those items and lovingly packs 3 boxes. Meanwhile, I have packed the kitchen. I say this in love.

I just couldn’t do it, I couldn’t take the brightly colored items off the studio design wall or pack up the lovely bits of this and that which hold promise for future art.  I spent practically a whole day packing one shelf of my lovely wall racks and realized I was in big trouble.

The deed is now done, but it wasn’t pretty. Here’s to new adventures in graduate school and unpacking my studio, which is ALWAYS fun!

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