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Fun with Wax!

Posted 5/30/08


I was making batik recently and thought I’d share a few before and after pics. They’re not an overly glamorous color, but I think they’re fun nonetheless. This is a “before” photo of a muslin dye rag that I used to clean up after dyeing fabric messes. The darker areas show the wax dots resist that I placed on the fabric with the end of a wooden dowel.


This is the “after” photo of how it dyed. I like that some of the dots are different colors and in my next batch I am going to try to intensify the colors.


This is just one more picture of a batik I created in this blue batch. This design was created with a found wooden craft circle that my awesome woodworking friend drilled some holes in for me. I wanted to test a wood stamp with interior areas/holes where I didn’t want the wax to end up. The wax adhered well to the wood and I like the effect. This piece started with a plain white piece of Kona pfd cotton.

For this batch (and my previous attempts) I used dharma trading batik wax that is already blended into an awesome mixture that results in good cracking, etc. I liked the results, but I decided to branch out for a cheaper solution for the future. I ordered the waxes separately (parrafin and sticky wax) from dharma and will be dividing them up into the ratios of the batik wax myself. I’ll let you know how this goes! It’s A LOT cheaper, so I’m crossing my fingers.

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