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Dyed and went to heaven

Posted 1/21/09

I am getting ready to attend a workshop with Nancy Crow in April 2009, and I need to have my stash ready for creative fun. Here is what my hand dyed stash looked like before yesterday.


I took the day off from work and went to work. Here is what it looked like last night at about 11:13 pm.


There’s definitely still work to be done, but there is a better range of light to dark now.  I typically dye both light and dark at the same time, and then use up the dark colors right away, so I’m left with a lot of light to medium values!  The photos aren’t fantastic, but I got new and richer colors and many more greys and brown neutrals than I had before. The reds turned out FANTASTIC! I’m going to go back and over dye some of the lighter colors I have too many of to give myself some more options (Ahem, the pinks and the barely yellows.)  But not the limey green. I love that color and fully intend to use every yard of it at some time or another. I also ordered a few more colors from Dharma Trading Co. to round out my mixing colors (a gold and deep brown) so I can definitely dye once more before April and hopefully have enough color choices at my workshop. I LOVE the dark rich colors, but Nancy cautions to bring a full range of values, so I am taking her experienced advice to be sure to give myself plenty of value options.

For fabulously clear instructions on dyeing fabric, check out “Color by Accident” by Ann Johnston. She’s awesome.


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