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Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts Residency

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Posted 7/29/15

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I was very much in work mode every second while I was there, but I’m posting now about my residency this summer at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts. This was my second residency of the summer (or ever!). Please check it out and apply at the next open call. It was a fantastic two weeks and the other four residents were just amazing.


Private Courtyard at KHN Center

I spent two weeks at the KHN Center. It was a fantastic residency. Residents can apply for longer bouts, but I thought I could squish in a book edition and jet back home for other summer adventures. I’m posting some things so that future residents can find a little more information, so I apologize if this is a little specific on a few in’s and out’s. There was art that the previous residents have donated placed all over the center which gives the place a lot of life. Nebraska City is tiny but fascinating. The city is the home of Arbor Day, chock full of museums, and has an interesting cemetery and all sorts of inspiration.

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I was the first artist from Southeast Idaho on the map

The visual art studios are large and air conditioned. There is natural light, a sink, shelves, tables, an easel, newsprint, etc.

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Yes, I made a huge mess in my studio. There was only one small drying rack, so I had to improvise.

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The Harry Duncan Letterpress Studio

The letterpress studio definitely needs an intern to come and sort through type and put it away, but otherwise it was in great shape. There was a lot of tiny type (14pt or less), but I was able to make some thinner amounts of large type work for my projects. There was no wood type. The boxcar base is a standard base and the Vandercook SP15 is in great shape. There was also a great proof press. The type I used was in really good condition. I didn’t have to spend hours switching out damaged type.

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There is just something wonderful about type

We happened to have the monthly open studio event occur while I was there and there was a crowd of about 35 folks. It was a great evening!

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The KHN Center staff, Elizabeth and Pat, were simply amazing. If you are flying in and are concerned about getting around, worry not. All of the things you need are right nearby and within walking distance: groceries, restaurants, library. There is a washer and dryer on site. There is even a closet of leftover items should you find yourself missing key toiletries.


My little test binding book. Yes, my glasses are on the table because I need bifocals. Sigh.

I was able to complete printing on my ambitious artist book edition. I pulled at least 468 prints for the book, with 24 unique press page layouts/setups. With a hand cranked roller, my arms were definitely in good enough shape to canoe this past weekend! I am still waiting for book cloth to arrive to bind them, but I can’t wait to stitch up this edition this fall.

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So. Many. Prints.

My trip to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, NE was just wonderful. I got to see a kantha quilt from Bengal and lots of other things while on my behind the scenes tour.

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Kantha quilt detail

I found a Trader Joe’s in Lincoln, NE and got to make some chocolate croissants for a brief moment of down time.

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Gratuitous food image

Run, don’t walk to apply to the residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska City, Nebraska!