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Vines in Prague

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Posted 7/9/09


Having a little time to sketch, I have been retrieving some images from my trip to Prague last year that I wanted to explore as art ideas. I recorded lots of imagery of vines, and this photo in particular was interesting to me.


I drew several explorations and this image above was an “early in the process” sketch. I do like the fun patterning on the drawing. It’s just not a sophisticated composition.


The image above is the last sketch I drew, and it is my favorite of the lot. Hopefully it will morph into an art quilt this fall and I can show the whole progression! I drew these sketches with sharpies and Inktense/watercolor pencils.

Prague…beauty in the details

Monday, January 5th, 2009

Posted 1/5/09

Here are a few pics of some of the amazing details that inspired me in the beautiful Czech Republic last month.


Phenomenal vines and growth taking over this residence


I took a lot of photos of the ground! The patterning and linear quality of the cobblestones is awesome.


A lovely wood wreath at the cemetery at Vysehrad


Mosaic at a chapel at Vysehrod


A lovely mix of organic and linear textures

Thanks for looking. I really enjoyed the details of the city.  I got some creative work done this weekend, so more photos soon!


Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Posted 12/31/08

First, the reason for my recent trip to Prague, which was to visit my sister’s family, to include these two little munchkins, V and M. I was invited to come over and help my sister out, due to their newest arrival, little E.  The new little bundle is my eighth (and not last) niece/nephew.



We had tons of fun, and I also got to see the lovely city of Prague. I am including a few pics of the city. A bit later I’ll post more of the pictures that are very useful for my art. I caught quite a few detail shots of some beautiful details.  Enjoy the glimpse.


The City!


The beautiful Art Nouveau Municipal House, Alfonse Mucha


Buildings at Old Town Square


Okay, so one detail shot. This was a crazy door! Love it. Happy New Year!