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Artist Statement and news!

Posted 2/2/09


I have the wonderful opportunity of starting my Masters in Fine Arts, in Studio Arts: Fibers in Fall 2009 at the University of North Texas!

In preparation for going back to school (with grey hair might I add), I have the task of finding a way to pay for it. :) This photo is of a very brave scholarship application.  I have never shared my sketchbook in a public forum like this, but it’s a new year. It sounded so clinical when I wrote my artist statement with just words, so this is my attempt to provide an artist statement in a less stodgy, written form. This particular scholarship and request included a lot of requests about personal/biographical information such as hometown, interests and hobbies, etc. This was my compromise: part written, part drawn. My only hope is that next year when I apply again, they don’t remember my attempt this year as totally tragic.

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