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And I would dye for love

Posted 2/17/09


When I dyed fabric in January, I forgot to snap a pic of this piece of fabric. I had gotten out my Mom’s old Reed pleater to try a bit of shibori.  While I didn’t enjoy that experience, I took this piece of fabric and wrapped it around a piece of PVC pipe in my garage. I used some loose rubber bands and poured the dye down the sides. This was sun yellow and mixing red/fuchsia.  Even though the rubber bands weren’t tight enough, it sure created a nice pattern on the fabric.

This Sunday, I headed back to the garage to dye some more fabric. I took a whole stack of light yellows, lavenders, blues and pinks that I didn’t want and overdyed them. I also dyed some plain white fabric. Here’s what I got.


I really enjoy the saturation of these colors! It doesn’t show in this photo, but the dark orange in the center is phenomenal. I overdyed with deep orange dye onto a piece of lavender fabric. Awesome. I purchased 3 new dye colors to mix with the primaries: maroon brown, deep orange, and gold, and I think the results are great. And here’s one more pic of my stash right now, which I think is a better range to take to my Nancy Crow workshop! Yes, there’s a lot of red, but I love red! The second photo is my stash after my January dye session. I know, I didn’t arrange the colors the same way, oops. But you can definitely see improvement.


After February dye session


After January dye session


“Before” fabrics


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