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21/52 Weekly Journal Quilt

Posted 5/26/08


This is my weekly journal quilt 21/52 2008.  Whew.  It was less frustrating than last week’s! I decided that this week I wanted to try to work with a color that I am not obsessed with in my art right now.  Pink.  I started with a beautiful section of batik for the background. Next I added the batik circles for the flower tops.  I then added some stems and grass. I fused all of this down and then went downstairs to paint it a bit.  I painted the dots around the flowers with a small stamp I made out of an eraser. Last, I painted the inside of the flowers pink with a circle from a pre-made rubber stamp, then a smaller circle in teal or purple with a foam circle.  I enjoy how the pink stamped circles have rough edges that match the batik circles.  Then, I went back upstairs (my dog follows) and quilted it to the peltex base.  I added a plain back and zig-zagged around the edges. Viola!

This piece is for sale for $30 in my etsy shop.

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