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20×200 and Vines

Posted 10/9/08


Vines I


Vines II

Where are my weekly journal quilts? I’ve been busy and I’m a bit backlogged on journal quilts, which I will fix up this weekend. For some visuals for now, both of these pieces were created while making a custom order. I (thank you!) was asked to create a custom 5×7 piece with the imagery of vines. I created one that I loved, and then second guessed myself and created one more that I thought was a bit more vinous and true to theme so my customer would have another option. Vines II is available for $30 here in my Etsy shop.

What I REALLY wanted to post about today is the 20×200 blog and shop by Jen Bekman.  It’s worse than in obsessiveness for me. Instead of just a techy hot deal item selling out, it’s affordable ART! I often feel like art is a luxury to purchase when our house is FILLED and I mean FILLED with my art, so a $20 print is something I feel I can justify to myself. Anyway, I’m on their mailing list so I got notified of today’s small edition and was able to snatch one up of More Books by Mickey Smith before they sold out. Thanks for sharing your art with 20×200, Mickey. Go and get on the mailing list!

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